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Get Punk Podcast Episode 0.

August 10, 2022 Trev Allen / Mark Lind Episode 132
The Struggling Artist Podcast
Get Punk Podcast Episode 0.
Show Notes

Check out the new Get-Punk Podcast! Episode 0 will be available here, but be on the lookout for more episodes on it's own channel!

Welcome to The Get-Punk Podcast! 

Mark Lind and Trev Allen kick things off with what to expect from The Get-Punk Podcast.

Chris Chavez graces us with his euphonious voice to bring you all the Get-Punk news. Letting you know what's going on within the punk rock world and on Chris tops the segment off with his elucidated and poetic review of the Get-Punk Record Club July selection from ALLDEEPENDS-- “Throwing a Pit to Nothing”

Mark and Trev return talk about what they've been listening and a bit of storytelling.

Honorable mentions:

Michael Kane stops in to play a few songs and talks about the Genesis of his band Michael Kane & The Morning Afters, and their new album “Broke But Not Broken”.

Finally, A hilarious attempt at Punk Rock Jeopardy with Michael Kane and Danny Carney of Danny Carney Chainsaw Symphony. 

Thank you all who helped along the way and to the listeners for checking out the pilot episode of The Get-Punk Podcast

The song used throughout the this episode is from the album “Russian Rats” from the band Art Thieves and it is titled The Untouchables.

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